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IT-UNM Mission Statement

Information Technology–UNM (IT-UNM) is an informal association of system managers, programmers, researchers, students, administrators, and faculty at The University of New Mexico and its affiliated institutions in the Albuquerque area. The group's aim is to increase communication among IT service providers in the University community.

IT-UNM has two objectives:

  •   To promote communication over a broad range of information technology-related topics and issues at UNM.
  •   To save money, time, and frustration by increasing the efficiency of the implementation and use of IT resources at UNM.

IT-UNM meetings provide:

  •   A forum for IT service providers with similar needs to share information and technical expertise:
    •   opportunities to increase awareness and participate in existing UNM IT groups;
    •   an efficient way for computer providers to quickly disseminate information about systems, networking, and services;
    •   a forum for members to provide feedback about existing services and input for new, planned services.
  •     opportunities to improve resource utilization:
    •   increase awareness on campus of favorable pricing agreements available in various contracts, discount agreements, and site licenses that have been negotiated with vendors;
    •   identify new products and services to actively pursue discount price agreements.

IT-UNM meets on a published, regular schedule. These meetings are open to all members of the greater UNM community. Meetings consist of scheduled informational presentations, reports from IT-UNM and other campus IT providers, and reports from other campus IT groups and IT-UNM working groups.

Where existing computer user groups do not already exist, IT-UNM encourages the creation of small, topical, working groups. Working groups are encouraged to meet and publish a meeting schedule.